Slug Days by Sara Leach

Slug Days by Sara Leach

Author:Sara Leach
Language: eng
Format: epub
Publisher: Pajama Press Inc.
Published: 2019-12-11T17:23:30+00:00

Chapter 8

On Thursday I went to see Ms. Lagorio in room 272. She once told me her name meant green lizard in Italian. It was a good thing she was a very pretty lady. Imagine if she had old skin and looked like a lizard.

When I arrived, she said we would be working on having conversations. We practiced where to stand when talking to a friend. She made me stand up and pretend to talk to her.

“Why do we need to practice this?” I asked. “I know how to talk to people.”

“Sometimes other people don’t like it if you stand too close to them,” Ms. Lagorio said.

I didn’t understand what she was talking about. I never stood too close to people.


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