Shimmer by Sharon Ashwood

Shimmer by Sharon Ashwood

Author:Sharon Ashwood [Ashwood, Sharon]
Language: eng
Format: epub
ISBN: 9781775027942
Publisher: Rowan & Ash Artistry
Published: 2020-04-11T16:00:00+00:00


With blinding speed, Corby snapped at Ronan, his great beak clacking. It closed on smoke. A second later, Ronan was at Alana’s side, his body poised and ready to fight. Then the thing hunched, swinging its head around to find its prey. Alana had never screamed in her life, but this time she came close. That beak could slice a limb in two.

The black eyes were Corby’s, with all the man’s sharp intelligence. And now, they were filled with an equal measure of malice. It was an expression she’d never expected to see on a bird, even a crow ten feet tall.

But damn it, that was still her former boss. She stabbed a finger his way. “You traitor!”

The bird stretched its black wings and cawed, a raucous, ear-splitting torture that had them covering their ears. Corby struck again, his beak grazing Alana’s arm as it pecked for the bag holding the lamp.

Henry fired the gun, and black feathers sprayed around them. With a ragged shriek, Corby sprang into the air, flapping wildly. Henry shot again, daring Corby to getting any closer. With a final filthy glare, the bird straightened his course and headed north.

The shield around them dissolved. Someone across the street stopped, pointing at Randall’s downed form. Alana cursed. That was all they needed—helpful bystanders.

“Corby went for the lamp,” Alana said to Ronan. “He knows we have it—he probably smelled it in my bag. We have to stop him before he reports back to his mirror.”

Ronan had gone pale. She knew no one needed to tell him what could go wrong if that happened. “He’s going in the direction of his shop.”

“How do we catch him?”

Ronan paused, thoughts chasing across his face. “Hang on a moment.” He ran into the coffee shop.

Henry looked from Alana to Ronan, then pressed the gun into Alana’s hand. “If you’re going after Corby, take this. You don’t want to get close to that thing.”

“What about you?” Alana asked, surveying the street for more onlookers.

“I’ll call my student to come help me with this fool.” Henry gave Randall a casual kick.

Alana examined the weapon. Guns weren’t her first choice, but the bullets had hurt Corby. That was good enough for her. “Thank you,” she said, pressing Henry’s arm.

Ronan emerged from the shop dragging a worn bit of carpet scattered with crumbs. “It’s not much, but it will do.”

“Do for what?” Alana asked, mystified.

“Come here,” he said. “Quickly.”

Obediently, she ran to where he stood in the middle of the threadbare rug. She could see dents in the pile where table legs had sat. She wondered what Ronan had done to convince the cafe owner to give it up.

“Sit,” he said, pulling her down beside him. “Hang on tight.”

She was about to protest when she felt the earth shift beneath her. Speechless, she grabbed for the fringed edge of the carpet with her gun-free hand. When the thing shot straight upward, she finally let loose a scream.

“Apologies.” Ronan clearly found the moment funny even though he put a comforting arm around her waist.


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