Nocturne 024 - Bewitching the Dark 01 – Michele Hauf - Kiss Me Deadly (09-2007) by Silhouette Nocturne

Nocturne 024 - Bewitching the Dark 01 – Michele Hauf - Kiss Me Deadly (09-2007) by Silhouette Nocturne

Author:Silhouette Nocturne [Nocturne, Silhouette]
Format: epub
Published: 2010-01-16T10:15:12+00:00

Chapter 17

R ock music blasted from the living room where Gabriel sat watching music videos. The sun had set. Nikolaus had risen hours earlier. After a session of weight lifting, he’d showered and slipped on some casual jersey pants and padded out barefoot to see what held his friend’s interest. They were real y making some salacious videos these days.

“Haven’t seen much of you lately,” Gabriel said. “Not that I’m your keeper, but, ah—I thought so.”

Nikolaus straightened his lips from an irrepressible smile.


“You’ve been smiling a lot lately. You don’t do that, man. So I figure you must have found yourself a girl. Am I right?”

Nikolaus shrugged, but the smile leapt to the fore and no amount of trying would push it back.

“Wel , it’s about time the old man got his game on.” Gabriel jumped up and fol owed Nikolaus into the kitchen. “Al it took was ridding your life of that witch, and now you’re back to your old self. What does she look like? Gorgeous is a given, but is she sexy?”

Nikolaus wondered about sexy. Ravin was the epitome of al that attracted him, but she was more rough and tough than soft and slinky. He decided less description would serve her better, and made a motion before him with his hands to outline her curvy shape.

“Nice.” Gabriel flicked on the tap and bent over it to slurp up some water. He emerged, water drooling down his mouth and hair pul ed back with one hand. “Must be a pleaser, ’cause you’re gone al the time.”

“I don’t kiss and tel .”

“What? Like me?”

Gabriel did like to give details. Hair color, breast size and how many times she came. The man always kept a count. Nikolaus had lost count of how many times Ravin had come. But each time, it was al good.

“You know it’s not wise for any vampire to get too attached,”

Nikolaus said. And he wasn’t, was he? Not when it was a spel .

“I’m just having fun, man.”

“I understand. So, I never asked, how did it go with the witch?”

Turning his face away from his friend, Nikolaus tightened his jaw. Stil discussing the same woman, one he logical y knew he had no right going near, let alone making love to. Maybe that forbidden element was what turned him on?


“Don’t tel me you haven’t toasted her yet? You’ve waited so long for this. Al you’ve been able to think about these past few months was either getting better or burning the witch. Do you need help? ’Cause I’m your man. Just say the word.”

“I’ve staked her out. Got an eye on her. But I need to wait for the opportune moment.”

“Oh. Sure.”

Gabriel was right. Those first weeks during the healing process, as he watched the flesh grow back over his ribs to conceal his organs, Nikolaus had thought of nothing more than burning the witch and listening to her screams in the process. What had happened to change that?

The spel . And how powerful it was to completely change his thought process.


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