Night World 07 - Huntress by L. J. Smith

Night World 07 - Huntress by L. J. Smith

Author:L. J. Smith
Format: mobi
Tags: Vampires, Action & Adventure, Juvenile Fiction, Fantasy & Magic, Fiction, Horror & Ghost Stories, Horror Stories, General
ISBN: 9780340709535
Publisher: Simon & Schuster
Published: 1997-09-14T22:00:00+00:00

"Imagine growing up in a place like this," she said.

Pierce laughed oddly. "You sound as if you feel sorry for her."

Jez glanced back. There was no sympathy in his deep-set dark eyes-and none in Raven's midnight blue or Val's hazel ones, either. Funny, she didn't remember them being that heartless-but of course she hadn't been sensitive to the issue back in the old days. She would never have stopped to wonder about what they felt for human children.

"It's because it's a kid," Morgead said brusquely. "It's hard on any kid growing up in a place like this."

Jez glanced at him, surprised. She saw in his emerald green eyes what she'd missed in the others; a kind of bleak pity. Then he shrugged, and the expression was gone.

Partly to change the subject, and partly because she was curious, she said, "Morgead? Do you know the prophecy with the line about the blind Maiden's vision?"

"What, this one?" He quoted:

"Four to stand between the light and the shadow.

Four of blue fire, power in their blood. Born in the year of the blind Maiden's vision; Four less one and darkness triumphs."

"Yeah. What do you think "born in the year of the blind Maiden's vision' means?"

He looked impatient. "Well, the Maiden has to be Aradia, right?"

"Who's that?" Val interrupted, his linebacker body quivering with interest.

Morgead gave Jez one of his humoring-Val looks. "The Maiden of the Witches," he said. "You know, the blind girl? The Maiden part of the Maiden, Mother, and Crone group that rules all the witches? She's only one of the most important people in the Night World-"

"Oh, yeah. I remember." Val settled back.

"I agree," Jez said. "The blind Maiden has to be Aradia. But what does the 'year of her vision' mean? How old is this kid we're snatching?"

"About eight, I think."

"Did Aradia have some special vision eight years ago?"

Morgead was staring across the street, now, his eyebrows together. "How should I know? She's been having visions since she went blind, right? Which means, like, seventeen years' worth of 'em. Who's supposed to tell which one the poem means?"

"What you mean is that you haven't even tried to figure it out," Jez said acidly.

He threw her an evil glance. "You're so smart; you do it."

Jez said nothing, but she made up her mind to do just that. For some reason, the poem bothered her. Aradia was eighteen now, and had been having visions since she lost her sight at the age of one. Some particular vision must have been special. Otherwise, why would it be included in the prophecy?

It had to be important. And part of Jez's mind was worried about it.

Just then she saw movement across the street. A brown metal door was opening and two small figures were coming out.

One with feathery blond hair, the other with tiny dark braids. They were hand in hand.

Something twisted inside Jez.

Just stay calm, stay calm, she told herself. It's no good to think about grabbing her and making a run for the East Bay.


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