Neil Gaiman by Virus

Neil Gaiman by Virus

Author:Virus [ss] [Virus [ss]]
Language: eng
Format: epub
Published: 2012-04-08T22:41:17+00:00

Sure, people think about it, but mainly they play it.

My record's eighteen hours at a stretch.

40,012 points, 3 fanfares.

You play through the tears, the aching wrist, the hunger, after a while it all goes away.

All of it except the game, I should say.

There's no room in my mind anymore; no room for other things.

We copied the game, gave it to our friends.

It transcends language, occupies our time, sometimes I think I'm forgetting things these days.

I wonder what happened to the TV. There used to be TV.

I wonder what will happen when I run out of canned food.

I wonder where all the people went. And then I realize how, if I'm fast enough, I can put a black square next to a red line, mirror it and rotate them so they both disappear, clearing the left block for a white bubble to rise . . .


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