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Insight Guides Central America by Insight Guides

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Mortars at the Museo de la Revolución Salvadoreña in Perquin.

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In the mountainous, forested Morazán region 53km (33 miles) north of San Miguel near the Guatemalan border, Perquín @ [map] was the headquarters for the FMLN. There are a few small artisan shops around the plaza, but the main attraction here is the Museo de la Revolución Salvadoreña (tel: 2634 7984; Tue–Sun 8.30am–4.30pm), which recounts the guerrilla movement with pride through artifacts and photos. One of the highlights is a recreation of Radio Venceremos, an opposition radio station that was broadcast throughout the country during the 1980s and is now is a commercial radio station (la RV).

North of San Miguel

The community of Cacaopera, about 9km (6 miles) east of Delicias de Concepción, is something of a mystery. The village’s residents are believed to be the very last of the Ulua ethnic group, which linguistic evidence points to having originated south of El Salvador. The residents still cling to their ways of farming, architecture and clothing, which is detailed briefly in a small ethnographic museum.

One of the most infamous moments of the civil war occurred in the village of El Mozote, 8km (5 miles) south of Perquín. On December 11 and 12, 1981 the army rounded up nearly 1,000 people from the village around the square and church, many of them children, and executed them. Much of the town was burned after and the massacre was kept hidden for years. The United Nations truth commission formally recognized the incident in 1992 when the bodies were excavated, drawing international condemnation. Today, guides in town show visitors a memorial on the plaza where the names of those who died are written.

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