How the Wallflower Was Won by Eva Leigh

How the Wallflower Was Won by Eva Leigh

Author:Eva Leigh
Language: eng
Format: epub
Publisher: HarperCollins
Published: 2022-09-27T00:00:00+00:00

Tabitha spent the remainder of the afternoon exploring the rest of the house, which she found smaller but much more comfortable than her parents’ home. There were three bedrooms, but when she looked into a clothes press in the biggest bedchamber, she discovered his garments. She ran her fingers over his shirts and stroked over the crisp fabric of his neckcloths and fought against the urge to bury her face into them to see if they carried his smoky scent.

There was a second clothes press in the room. Perhaps Finn was attempting to rival Brummell in the scope of his wardrobe. She really oughtn’t look—how silly to want to touch his clothing, like she was some lovestruck girl—yet she opened the cabinet. Just a peek. To satisfy her curiosity.

Opening the cabinet, her gaze fell on the distinctive russet color of her favorite pelisse, carefully stacked on a shelf. Turning, she noticed her hairbrush and a few bottles of toilette water on a dressing table—beside a mahogany case with the inlaid initials F.A.R. on the lid.

So. They were to share the bedroom.

She pressed a hand to her thudding heart. She could move her clothes to another room. After all, many married people kept separate bedchambers. But maybe . . . maybe sharing a room with Finn might be all right, and she wouldn’t grow too attached to the idea of watching him shave every morning or discussing quotidian, domestic matters with him as they both undressed at the end of the day.

And maybe she could keep her emotions well removed from sleeping in the same bed with him, and from growing too attached when they made love.

She shut the door to the wardrobe and took a steadying breath. It would be fine. There was nothing to be afraid of—and if she looked forward to having his arms around her all night, well, she wouldn’t dwell on that.

What she did need to focus on was writing to Sir William Marcroft to let him know that she was now married, and to press him for setting a date for her meeting with the Sterling Society so they might discuss when they would admit her.

She went down to the library—her heart squeezed again at the thought that Finn had provided her with her very own library—and found a desk with writing supplies in it. It took a good half an hour for her to compose a letter that wasn’t too importunate or overly reticent, but write it, she did, and then handed it to the footman to deliver immediately. With any luck, Sir William would respond immediately. It would soon be time for the Sterling Society to consult on the education bill, so she hadn’t the luxury of a delay.

Once the footman had gone, there was nothing left to do except wait patiently, hoping Sir William replied. And try not to be too eager for Finn’s return.

She failed at both.


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