A Guide to Python Mastery by Ummed Singh

A Guide to Python Mastery by Ummed Singh

Author:Ummed Singh
Language: eng
Format: epub
Publisher: BookRix

Introduction to Python Keywords

Python keywords are special words reserved for specific meanings and functions that can only be used for those purposes. They are automatically available in your Python programs without needing any import statements. It's important to note that Python's built-in methods and classes are not the same as keywords. While built-in methods and classes are always present, they are not as restrictive in their application as keywords. Assigning a specific meaning to Python keywords restricts their usage for other purposes in your code. If you attempt to use them inappropriately, you will receive a SyntaxError message. While it's not prohibited to assign values to built-in methods or types, it is generally not recommended. As of the most recent version of Python (Python 3.8), there are thirty-five keywords, and here is a complete list of Python keywords: False await else import pass None break except in raise True class finally is return and continue for lambda try as def from nonlocal while assert del global not with async elif if or yield It's worth noting that these keywords may vary in different Python versions. Some keywords may be added, while others may be removed. You can always retrieve the list of keywords in the version you are working on using the following code:

# Python program to demonstrate the application of iskeyword() # importing keyword library which has lists import keyword # displaying the complete list using "kwlist." print("The set of keywords in this version is: ") print(keyword.kwlist)

You can also get a list of currently available keywords by calling the help() function:



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