Understanding Phenomenology by Cerbone David R.;

Understanding Phenomenology by Cerbone David R.;

Author:Cerbone, David R.; [David R. Cerbone]
Language: eng
Format: epub
ISBN: 1886929
Publisher: Taylor and Francis

Summary of key points

Sartre claims, contra Husserl, that the ego does not appear in or to consciousness in non-reflective experience.

The ego appears as a transcendent object in second-degree, reflective consciousness.

The ego is constituted like other transcendent objects, via adumbrational, incomplete appearances.

"The ego is by nature fugitive", which means that any attempt at self-knowledge is ultimately futile.

Human existence, as involving consciousness or the for-itself, is the source of nothingness, of whatever negative features reality possesses.

As involving nothingness and indeterminacy, human existence is prone to anguish.

To alleviate this anguish, human beings slide into "bad faith", which involves acting either as though who one is was already fixed and determined or as though one's existence was entirely distinct from one's situation and past choices.


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