The Night Shift: Sweet Clean Lesbian Vampire Romance by Kasa Stephenson

The Night Shift: Sweet Clean Lesbian Vampire Romance by Kasa Stephenson

Author:Kasa Stephenson [Stephenson, Kasa]
Language: eng
Format: epub
Published: 2020-02-21T23:00:00+00:00

Chapter 5

The hours between their last conversation and the next time Ellen arrived at The Clark Hotel went just as she had been expecting them – a real break up. Although it was true that she and Natasha hadn’t really been in a relationship, Ellen had been preparing herself for a break up almost since she met Natasha. The other woman was so spectacular that there was no way she wasn’t going to break up Ellen’s heart. So after the terrifying conversation they had, Ellen went home, expecting to cry until she fell asleep. Instead, she found Natasha’s sweet and smiling face increasingly distracting – she had actually offered a kiss and Ellen denied it. The thought was so strange. After finally falling asleep, Ellen had a restless morning, Natasha appeared in her dreams constantly, and now she wasn’t sure if it was product of her wild emotions or if it that was something the supernatural woman was genuinely able to do.

She continued to experience her heart break in usual young woman fashion. She ignored her alarm until she couldn’t sleep anymore, she spent her afternoon in her pajamas, she ate ice cream and junk food and watched sad movies to drown out her own pain. Regardless, something felt different. This was in no way the way it had been when her first girlfriend broke her heart. Because this time, technically it didn’t have to end, did it? Of course it had to end, Ellen reminded herself, Natasha was a vampire. Still, Natasha didn’t want it to end, she actually wanted it all to start, she wanted Ellen and Ellen had said no. Was she crazy? Crazy for saying no to the most beautiful woman she had ever met, or crazy for thinking she was crazy for saying no to a literal vampire? Ellen wondered, her thoughts an absolute mess.

She considered skipping work that night, but when the time arrived, she was there as usual. She simply couldn’t find it in herself so ruin her job, now that she was finally getting some recognition. Turns out that the frightened woman who had almost caught Natasha the night prior talked to Mr. Clark about the brave security guard who ran after the mysterious individual that had attacked her. She enjoyed the praise, but Ellen was nervous about explaining to her boss what had happened after that incident. To her surprise, Mr. Clark didn’t want to know anything. He thanked her for her dedication, told her to keep an eye out that night and let her go without anything else left to add. It wasn’t until a few minutes after leaving his office that Ellen remembered… he’s literally Natasha’s father.

The realization hit her like a truck. It was so confusing. Would it be good or bad that she was in love with her boss’s daughter? Wait, she wasn’t in love, Ellen tried to convince herself. She was so frustrated with her own mind for being so agitated that night. It made her


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