The Legend of Parshu-Raam by Dr Vineet Agarwal

The Legend of Parshu-Raam by Dr Vineet Agarwal

Author:Dr Vineet Agarwal [Agarwal, Dr Vineet]
Language: eng
Format: epub
ISBN: 9789385890055
Publisher: Penguin Books Ltd
Published: 2015-12-15T18:30:00+00:00

Adhyaye 27

Arjun’s campaign to establish a global empire was turning into a huge success.

Riding on his mechanical hovercraft that could easily accommodate most of his generals, he first toured the entire world to see which kingdoms required assistance and which could be left alone. His goal was to attack the belligerent nations with a well-prepared army and establish the dominion of Avanti over them while strengthening relations with those kingdoms that welcomed him in friendship.

The northern territories of Mahodayapur and its trade partners were left alone for they belonged to the family and their rulers readily took an oath of fealty to the new emperor. One by one all kingdoms south of the Himalayas swore allegiance to Kartavirya Arjun and he crossed the great white mountains to move northwards covering Kimpurush-varsh, the land of centaurs. He had only heard of these semi-divine beings living in the cold deserts beyond Himalayas but seeing them with his own eyes made the stories come alive.

Fortunately, the centaur tribes were devoted to dharma and readily recognized his dominion and Arjun breathed a sigh of relief as he ordered his armies to march towards Hari-varsh, the flatlands that extended northwards and where the women were fabled to be as beautiful as the Apsaras. He faced stiff resistance from the various warring tribes inhabiting the land but managed to subdue them without effort, finally reaching the northernmost Ilavrita-varsh, the location of Mount Meru, the axis-mundi of the world.

Arjun had heard numerous stories about the mythical Meru that was the holiest mountain in Hindu cosmology. The Kurma Purana mentioned its staggering proportions: it was supposed to be 84,000 yojans high and extended deep into the bowels of the earth as well! On its pinnacle was the abode of Brahma and its prodigious slopes housed the guardians of the four directions.

To make sure his visit was not considered an act of aggression he decided to leave his army that was now composed of various tribes and clans, right from Nabhi-varsh to Ilavrita, behind as he headed to the North Pole, the fabled location of Mount Meru.

He had expected to see a mighty structure, taller than even the Himalayas, rising up to the heavens but the reality was completely unexpected. As he walked around the snowy land, he could not find any mountain, not even a tiny hillock; all that existed was a flatland, barren as the desert but cold to the extreme.

And there on that cold desert, where no man before him had stepped foot, was Dattatreya! The Avatar sat in the lotus position at the exact point where the North Pole would be and Arjun was struck dumb seeing him there. As he came to terms with this new reality, the Avatar beckoned to the new arrival. While Arjun was wrapped in a thick fur coat, Dattatreya seemed impervious to the cold with only a saffron angavastra covering his body. In their last meeting, the guru had told him he would be reviewing his performance soon and the king knew that was the reason he had chosen to appear to him now.


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