Stars Over Alaska by Jennifer Snow

Stars Over Alaska by Jennifer Snow

Author:Jennifer Snow [Snow, Jennifer]
Language: eng
Format: epub
Publisher: HQN Books
Published: 2021-06-10T13:53:38+00:00

* * *

THE NIGHT WAS ending too quickly, but Leslie’s yawn across from him told him she needed to get some sleep. The last few days had been emotionally draining on her and he knew he hadn’t made anything easier. He’d been relieved to see her relaxed for the first time that evening. He’d have to thank Selena for her idea. She may have saved his ass. He’d had no idea how to act around Leslie after their encounter in the shed, but this dinner had definitely helped to ease them back from going too far, too quickly.

Squeezing Leslie’s hand, he glanced at his watch. “I guess we should call it a night, huh?”

She looked disappointed to end their picnic, but nodded, suppressing another yawn. “Unfortunately, I think so. I can barely keep my eyes open,” she said, starting to pack up the leftover food from the picnic.

“No, don’t worry about all of this. I’ll clean up,” he said.

“You sure?”

“Positive.” He brought her hand to his lips and placed a soft kiss on her palm. There was so much more he wanted to do, to say...but they’d already crossed a line earlier that day, several actually, and he didn’t want to push her away by repeating the impulsivity.

And when his gaze lifted to hers and he saw the conflict in her expression, he reined in any emotion that might frighten her away or make her retreat. He’d already told her he loved her, he’d already put his heart on the line... He’d let her decide what happened next.

Releasing her hand, he unzipped the igloo and crawled out into the cold. The wind had picked up and the late night chill made him shiver as he held back the flap for her to exit.

“Brr...” she said, rubbing her arms for heat as she stood next to him. “Well, thank you for a nice evening.”

He nodded, hesitating before touching her cheek. She was so beautiful and he longed to tell her just how much. He wanted to hold her and kiss her and be with her in every way. But he wasn’t crazy enough to think that this connection between them would be enough for her to leave everything in the past and move forward.

His own guilt was overwhelming—not only had he been intimate with Leslie on a physical level, but their date had meant so much to him as well and he had no right to be with her like this. She’d always been his best friend’s girl, not his. His only reprieve was knowing Leslie didn’t love him in return, therefore the choice of whether or not to be together wouldn’t be up to him.

She stepped closer and he wrapped his arms around her and held her close. He closed his eyes, wanting to savor this time together, but he could feel her uncertainty, her conflicted heart. She wanted to take comfort in him, but thought she shouldn’t. “Hey, I’m here for you. Anything you need...” This last part would be torture, but he needed to reassure her that her feelings and actions weren’t wrong.


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