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* * * Rain delayed Game 6 of the 2011 World Series by a day. That gave the Cardinals’ players time to reflect on how they were blowing the series. ...
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6 Baseball Journalists AS THE YEARS PASSED, it became increasingly important for the owners of major league franchises to give the residents of their cities every incentive to identify with ...
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Simmons also played high school basketball and football, but his father wouldn’t let him play football in his senior year. Curt was disappointed, but his father, Larry Simmons, didn’t want ...
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Chapter 45. Johnny Schulte James Lincoln Ray A backup catcher in all of his five years in the Major Leagues, Johnny Schulte found greater success as a coach under manager ...
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More than anything, sports reporters during this period were “homers,” which in large part explained their popularity. Building up the home team in print and holding an absolute loyalty to ...
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The Detroit Tigers thought enough of Hubbell to purchase his contract in 1926, but in the left-hander’s first training camp, the screwball he had developed to turn him into a ...
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Chapter 11 FELLER IN THE RECORD BOOKS The 1939 off-season had almost zilch happening until days before the annual meetings. At the end of November Alva Bradley announced he was ...
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(More) Anatomy of a bat. The basic anatomy of the bat is (moving up from the part closest to the batter’s hands): the knob, the handle, the taper, the barrel, ...
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You would have expected Catfish Hunter to be our Opening Day pitcher, but we opened in Cleveland, so Hunter was held back for our home opener. This was just as ...
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Fig. 3. The first published depiction of the comparative molecular field analysis process, from the proceedings of the Istria EuroQSAR conference in 1986. Courtesy of the author. 15 Comparative Molecular ...
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Angell watched Blass pitch and visited a Pirates game with him, but he brings the aggrieved pitcher to life most fully while describing him on his home turf, coaching a ...
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Seated barbell calf raise Muscle focus – soleus Exercise 21 Seated barbell calf raise The seated calf raise places the knee into a flexed position, which removes the gastrocnemius from ...
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Ted Lyons, Dutch Leonard, Jim Bouton, Charlie Hough, Tim Wakefield, Tom Candiotti, and R. A. Dickey had all made this calculated professional and deeply personal decision. It was different from ...
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