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1 Forrester, J.W. 1971. World Dynamics. Cambridge, Massachusetts: Wright-Allen Press; Schelling, T.C. 1978. Micromotives and Macrobehavior. New York, NY: Norton; Axelrod, R. 1984. The Evolution of Cooperation. New York, NY: ...
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Figure 10.16: The beautiful Agincourt series by Roy-Selwyn-Smith. Other miscellaneous figures had been produced over the years, some out of the official catalogue, such as Buck Rogers, or the ‘T’ ...
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Scoring points with potatoes Raisa Gorbacheva’s potato recipe letter 19 JULY 1985 The mid-1980s was a time of ratcheting Cold War tensions: of the ‘evil empire’; Operation Able Archer; Olympic ...
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Making Up Resources The Resources below are recommendations. You can always make up a new Resource, but make sure to get consensus among the other players that it's appropriate for ...
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8. THE CARD SHARK KIDS It was a bright August day as the ESPN2 cameras closed in on the Exposition Center in Brussels, Belgium. Outside the towering gray building, the ...
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PRISON LIFE MAGAZINE, like many other print publications, is struggling to stay afloat. Kim and I buy out the original publishers and move the magazine from its Manhattan offices to ...
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SIGNAL CODE PRACTICE 2.Each boy in each group should have some definite thing to do, and should rotate in their duties in a certain fixed and prearranged order. One should ...
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11: Ill, Sick, Hoarse This bard has seen better days. Whether due to a sudden onset of sickness, or some prolonged malady, they are stuck with a physical hindrance (shaky ...
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LENE: Master Yoda would overreact. And if he doesn’t, the rest of the Council certainly will. Do the right thing, Dooku. Make amends. DOOKU: (HOLO-NARRATION) I am truly sorry for ...
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Symbolism, Futurism, and Lettrism In his Un coup de dés jamais n’abolira le hasard (A Throw of the Dice Will Never Abolish Chance) (1897) Stéphane Mallarmé used varied typography, white ...
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TO PLAY THE GAME I PRESENT HERE two versions of my game, the first for younger children or older children who have fallen on their heads (or other peoples’ heads) ...
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10 Directions from Above Anel stared at the female Ogre who stood before the Ruling Council. Although every hair was braided and neatly in place, she still appeared harried and ...
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Page 121 → PART THREE Cultural Logics of World of Warcraft Page 122 → Page 123 → CHAPTER SIX Addiction Having examined theoretical arguments about magic circles, performativity, and so ...
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