Molecular Biology
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Human aging is mostly associated with a progressive mitochondrial dysfunction coming with a decrease in NAD+ levels leading to impaired function of SIRT1 (Sect. 6.6). SIRT1 is one of the ...
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7.4 Multicellular Life and Humanity Most of the material covered up to this point is universal, or nearly so, among eukaryotes or metazoans. The molecular bases of development, gene regulation, ...
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10.7 Further Issues and Advanced Topics 10.7.1 Stochastic Character Mapping and Alternative Ways to Model Discrete Characters A further extension of this kind of model-based Bayesian approach is to employ ...
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* * * Richard Cawthon and the Role of Telomeres in Aging “It can’t be so simple” was the conventional wisdom. If our bodies were simply getting old and dying ...
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6.7 Metabolic Interactions with the Microenvironment The metabolic state of a cell can have a huge impact on the fate of that particular cell (cell-autonomous) but, more importantly, it can ...
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Chapter 14—Readings Buss, Leo, 1992, The Evolution of Individuality, Princeton University Press. Margulis, L., and Schwartz, K. V., 1988, Five Kingdoms, W. H. Freeman Co. Valentine, J. W., Collins, A. ...
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Fig. 12.4 The ovalbumin gene and its mRNA illustrate the concept of split genes. The protein is 386 amino acids long and could have been encoded by a gene of ...
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Fig. 64. (a) Bubble suspended within a cubical cage; (b) Lithocubus geometricus Hkl. Again, if we construct a cage in the form of an equilateral triangular prism, and proceed as ...
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YOUR VERY GOOD HEALTH We spend $80 billion a year on health, as we keep reminding ourselves, or is it now $90 billion? Whichever, it is a shocking sum, and ...
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