Estate Planning
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CHAPTER 9 British Columbia Records There are numerous wonderful sources for family history searchers in British Columbia. We have started with government sources, including archives, courts, wills registry, and coroners’ ...
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Sample Will: Tangible List, Single/Widowed/Divorced, Specific Bequests, No Children, Residue to Various Beneficiaries. Last Will and Testament of Sam P. Sample I, Sam P. Sample, of City, State, on this ...
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Details, Details It is all about the details when it comes to any kind of insurance, so be sure to ask plenty of questions — and be extremely clear about ...
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The Gifts of the Body Losing WHEN A WRITER DIES, all the books she or he might have written die, too. I first heard about AIDS in an article in ...
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9 An Argument against Legalization SO FAR, we have considered arguments for assisted suicide and euthanasia based on history, fairness, neutrality, the harm principle, and utilitarianism. I have suggested that, ...
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With 12 members, the 1960 Antarctic Flight was the largest contingent ever deployed by the RAAF to the continent. The group are pictured in front of the C-47 transport sent ...
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C HAPTER 8 The Financial Planning Process for Retirement The major problem with many of the financial plans I review is they are long on pretty graphs and charts and ...
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Act III Scene as be­fore. Later in the day. Jimmy comes in, slightly drunk. Jimmy Calls. Pegeen! Crosses to in­ner door. Pegeen Mike! Comes back again into the room. Pegeen! ...
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Chapter 32 My phone buzzed in the wristlet purse I was wearing. Closing my eyes, I banged my head against the tile. It was probably Travis, calling to see where ...
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FOURTEEN The task force officers had no reason to expect their rapid success in bringing in Long. His capture, however, produced a new avalanche of leads, evidence, and most of ...
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Insurance for Here and Now Most insurance commercials focus on the worst-case scenario to scare you into buying peace of mind. Though horrible, these situations are exactly what you need ...
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Insurance for After You Are Gone Some insurance agents will tell you that all you need is plenty of life insurance to make sure your loved ones are taken care ...
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All night they went, and before dawn they reached the hill on which stood the city. They climbed the steep rock to the wall, rescued the bodies, and carried them ...
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