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* * * On a quick trip up to Holmenkollen the next day, she confirms with her own eyes the class divisions in Oslo. No one is poor, perhaps, but ...
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Big Top Big Top was a New York label best regarded for the presence of Del Shannon, whose prolific run of hits for the label opened in 1961 with the ...
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I looked to Jesus and I found In Him my star, my sun; And in that light of life I’ll walk, Till trav’ling days are done. Nearly five months later, ...
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Lysander, Help me Lysander from Act I setting: The wood in deepening twilight character: Hermia Helena loves Demetrius, who spurns her and is love with Hermia, but Hermia and Lysander ...
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B Major Continuing on with the circle of fifths, the next sharp key is B major and its relative minor, G-sharp minor. The new sharp added to this key signature ...
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Ninety years later, this quintessential David and Goliath story gave us the courage to walk onto the Disney studio lot as first-time writers to pitch the film Newsies. Could these ...
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Lake Of Fire Words and Music by Curt Kirkwood “There is audio content at this location that is not currently supported for your device. The caption for this content is ...
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* * * I. This last-named work, originally part of Miroirs, is probably better known in its orchestral version. The title, meaning ‘The Jester’s Serenade’, refers to the Galician practice ...
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Concertos CLARINET CONCERTO IN A MAJOR, K. 622 Duration: approx. 29 minutes Allegro Adagio Rondo: Allegro Apart from his famous series of piano concertos and his violin concertos, Mozart also ...
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Air from Water Music: Suite in F Major, HWV 348 George Frideric Handel 1685-1759 Copyright © 1991 Amsco Publications, A Division of Music Sales Corporation, New York. International Copyright Secured. ...
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During the twelve months between July 1946 and that of 1947 Poulenc the performer and organizer largely took over from Poulenc the composer. No doubt some part in this was ...
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Harmonic Analysis Functional Harmony Harmony not only combines the sound of notes together, but is also responsible for making the piece of music more rich, interesting, and full of texture. ...
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