Become A Successful Virtual Assistant by Melissa Smith

Become A Successful Virtual Assistant by Melissa Smith

Author:Melissa Smith [Smith, Melissa]
Language: eng
Format: epub
Publisher: Wild Words Formatting
Published: 2018-01-22T05:00:00+00:00

Many virtual assistants know how to get others organized yet allow our own businesses to become disorganized. We’re like the cobbler’s kids who have no shoes. It’s not our clients’ job to be productive. It’s ours. So are you? What does your inbox look like? Who is waiting on you? Which projects need your attention?

I’ve found the very thing you assist clients with is also the task that holds you back. My clients struggle with working all the time. I struggle with working all the time too. Remember when I said our avatars mirror ourselves? It’s true in the not so good habits as well. While it’s great to be able to understand our clients and their needs, it’s also something you should be looking out for.

One of the most common reasons we don’t realize it’s happening is because it means business is booming. Our efforts are paying off, and we’re more than willing to work longer hours, including nights and weekends. The adrenaline has kicked in, and we want to capitalize on everything coming our way to keep the momentum going. The problem is we don’t work in a bubble with no outside commitments. We have lives outside of work too.

Whatever type of VA you are, you must have a system for working with your clients. You might even set up systems for their work, but never overlook setting up systems for your own business—a system that runs efficiently and ensures nothing falls through the cracks in the process. As a virtual assistant I know you know this. Yet, when your business grows, your systems don’t seem to grow fast enough. You won’t learn about the cracks until it’s too late.

There are some instances where a crack in the system is an opportunity for you to rethink your business. If one client keeps you up at night versus the others whom you work with seamlessly, is this client your ideal? What type of services are you offering to this client that you aren’t offering the others? Do you need to rethink your clients, your prices, or your processes?


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