Aura of Night--A Novel by Heather Graham

Aura of Night--A Novel by Heather Graham

Author:Heather Graham
Language: eng
Format: epub
Publisher: MIRA Books
Published: 2022-05-14T21:31:33+00:00


Megan felt her smile deepening. She had surprised him.

She was surprising herself.

Well, she had been so determined to forget the strange night they had spent together after Mark and Colleen’s wedding.

But it was true that she admired him tremendously now. And she liked him. Loved his sense of right and wrong, his ability to stand against all odds, and to make her feel...


“I don’t believe this, but I’m not tired at all,” she said. “I’m still... I’m still riding high, so very amazed and grateful we found Grace. And now, we have another sketch, and something to bring to Ayers or Carver to perhaps trip them up. And we know to look for notices! We can find fliers and other such things and figure out how they’re communicating. It’s not an ending, but it’s a start, Ragnar.”

“It is,” he agreed.

“I think we get to celebrate, and...we did have amazing hours together once,” Megan said.

“Yes, we did.” Ragnar nodded, just waiting for her to go on.

“Maybe that’s what we get. When we get the chance in life, we need to take the time to have amazing hours.” She looked into his eyes, searching them, loving that he was holding back.

Because he was holding back for her.

He smiled slowly. “Maybe you’re right. Last time we wound up together—”

“We were passionately angry. Ragnar, right now, I’m passionately happy. I made a difference. And I made a difference because of you.” She paused, smiling. “Okay, then again, as one of my colleagues pointed out, you are built like one of those Norse gods in your background and you seem quite adept at utilizing all that you were blessed with.”

He laughed. “You do have a way with words. And it is quite profound, what effect words can create on the human body.”

“So, do you think—”

“I think we should quit thinking.”

Megan wasn’t sure how long the drive from Krewe headquarters to the safe house had been before; it seemed quick now.

They had the car parked in seconds and the door opened just as quickly. Megan felt like her whole body was buzzing. Hugo was patted good-night and sent to sleep in Megan’s room. Then Ragnar drew Megan with him to his room.

And that was it. They had been here before. She knew the demanding and hot desire of his kiss, tongue tangling with hers, delving. His hands were large, his fingers were long, and he was adept with the buttons on her blouse, while she had to admit she was far more careless with his shirt.

They maintained their kiss, coming closer, moving away, helping one another, shedding their clothing with all the haste they could manage.

They fell on the bed together, as if afraid that if their lips, hands, or bodies weren’t touching they’d lose one another. Ragnar rose over her, looking down at her. “You’re sure?” he asked.

She felt as if she were on fire. If she didn’t have him, she would explode, as if the sky would burst to pieces and take all matter with it.


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