Aconite and Accusations by Silver Nord & Ruby Loren

Aconite and Accusations by Silver Nord & Ruby Loren

Author:Silver Nord & Ruby Loren
Language: eng
Format: azw3
Published: 2019-09-03T04:00:00+00:00


Bombs Away

I woke up the next morning to a pair of blue eyes just a few inches away from my own.

Perhaps the normal reaction to a kitten being in your face when you woke up would be to melt with the cuteness of it… but there was something alarming about the way Artemis seemed to be focusing.

“Hemlock!” I called, somehow knowing this was his doing. “Why is he staring?”

“I don’t know. He does that a lot,” a tired voice came back to me. “I think he’s plotting evil. It’s totally unfair. Plotting evil used to be my thing until I had kids. Now I’m just a washed-up parent who can barely summon the energy to use his opposable thumbs for evil. He’s taken my dreams away from me.”

I sat up - very carefully - and rolled my eyes at Hemlock, who was sulking in the chair by my bed. “How terrible for you,” I told him, not meaning a word of it. I tentatively reached out a finger and stroked the kitten’s head. He purred, never taking his eyes off me. Creepy kitten, I thought, wondering if it was something he would grow out of. Hemlock had claimed that the reason he’d had Artemis palmed off on him was because he was ‘troublesome’. Somehow, I suspected there was more to it than a problem with personal privacy and static electricity.

“I don’t suppose you secretly have the power to blow up the Witch Council, run a gang out of town, and foil an evil plan for world domination?” I asked him. Unless I was much mistaken, his ears pricked up at the mention of world domination.

“Awww, he takes after his father,” I said, but Hemlock didn’t look happy.

“He can’t take my dreams before I achieved them! I refuse to become the parent who failed in his own life and pressures his kid into achieving his dreams for him.”

I smirked. “How noble of you.”

Hemlock muttered something about how he was going to pay me back for not taking him seriously. I made a mental note to triple check my shampoo and conditioner the next time I used them, as well as any food products that hadn’t been sealed.

“Erebus!” Hemlock called. The large hellhound trotted into the room, wagging his tail. I watched Hemlock jump on his back and sit up tall and proud, like a knight upon his steed.

“Erebus, you shouldn’t let him take advantage of you like that. You’re better than he is.”

“Hey! You’re not supposed to show favouritism!” Hemlock protested, his tail lashing. “Erebus, to war! Our adversary is the fridge door. It’s time to put these thumbs to work. Yah!” he shouted, making Erebus gallop off towards the kitchen.

“Aunt Minerva! Put a protective spell on the fridge!” I shouted, knowing that she would already be up making coffee.

“Done!” she called back.

I shook my head. Hemlock’s thumbs were really becoming a problem. Before, cupboards and fridge doors had foiled him, but now he was able to get into almost anything he wanted.


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