The Self-Esteem Regime by Clarissa Burt & Gary M. Krebs

The Self-Esteem Regime by Clarissa Burt & Gary M. Krebs

Author:Clarissa Burt & Gary M. Krebs
Language: eng
Format: epub
Publisher: Rowman & Littlefield Publishers
Published: 2021-09-09T00:00:00+00:00

Myth Busters

Dr. Fannin offers seven myths to help you retrain your brain and counter painful, recurring thoughts that hold you back. I encourage you to copy these seven myths and place them in your journal or on your desk as frequent reminders.

Myth #1: Intelligence is fixed. We learn and improve ourselves every single day that we live and breathe. We are constantly growing, which means that we are only getting smarter from our studies and experiences.

Myth #2: We use only 10 percent of our brains. There is zero scientific evidence proving that we use only a small percentage of our brains. This is a fallacy. In fact, science to date indicates the opposite is probably true—we use about 90 percent of our brains.

Myth #3: Mistakes are failures. This one is a doozy! If everyone considered him- or herself a failure after each mistake, nothing would ever be accomplished. Thomas Edison famously failed 999 times before successfully inventing the incandescent light bulb.

Myth #4: Knowledge is power. This is a manipulation used by people with authority who wish to control and assert their power over others. If you have less knowledge about a subject, it doesn’t mean you are weak; it indicates only that you have more to learn.

Myth #5: Learning new things is difficult (or the cliché: “Old dogs can’t learn new tricks”). Bo Gilbert, a woman in Birmingham, the United Kingdom, modeled professionally for the first time in her life for England’s Vogue magazine when she was one hundred years old. In my opinion, Bo is a true supermodel! If a centenarian can learn how to pose for a major magazine, surely you can believe you are capable of doing anything to which you set your mind.

Myth #6: Criticism matters. Sarah probably believed she was helping Lisa by providing “constructive criticism.” Not only was her statement unsupportive, insulting, and unbecoming of a true leader, it was completely irrelevant. Her boss is not the be-all and end-all. Lisa can delete that comment from her mind and immediately begin her reinvention. She should not for a second be deterred in her quest for a promotion. If Sarah continues to keep Lisa down even after she has performed a litany of exceptional accomplishments, it will be the company’s loss when she takes her talents elsewhere and it struggles to replace her.

Myth #7: Genius is born. Utter nonsense. IQ tests are not any kind of measure of genius at writing, painting, composing, acting, dancing, innovating, street smarts, and thousands of other areas. All babies are born with the potential for genius at something. The question is how an individual’s genius might be brought out and fostered to its fullest potential.


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