The Casanova Club Box Set (Books 1 - 5) by Ali Parker

The Casanova Club Box Set (Books 1 - 5) by Ali Parker

Author:Ali Parker [Parker, Ali]
Language: eng
Format: epub
Publisher: Star Key Press
Published: 2024-02-04T00:00:00+00:00

Easton ran a finger up my stomach from my navel to my chest, where he traced a small circle between my breasts. I sucked in a deep breath as he traced his finger back down, this time diving down lower than my navel. I flinched when his soft touch lingered between my legs. He nudged the inside of my thighs to get me to spread them.

I did.

He teased me by running his fingers up the inside of both legs to my knees and then back down, where he would get so close to where I really wanted him to touch me before moving away again.

I let out a soft, desperate little moan.

“What’s wrong, baby girl?” Easton cooed.

He gazed up at me. His chin was nearly resting on my belly button. He leaned down to press his lips to my skin. I closed my eyes.

Why did this feel so good?

Easton finally catered to my breathless moaning and ran his finger over my clit. I gasped. He chuckled. And then he did it again.

The pleasure was electric, and I bit down on my tongue to stop myself from moaning his name. He moved down to settle between my legs, pushing them back and holding them open with the weight of his forearms pressed to the inside of my thighs.

The first lick nearly sent me over the edge. The second had my toes curling.

“Oh God,” I breathed involuntarily.

Easton chuckled. The deep rumbling in his chest vibrated through the bed beneath me, and I felt like a damsel in his big, strong arms. I liked it. I liked it a lot.

I pressed my head down hard into the pillow behind me. He rolled his tongue over my clit, nice and slow, and earned himself a delighted sigh from my lips. I didn’t have to look down to know he was smiling.

My whole body tingled with pleasure. When he slid a finger inside me, the intensity doubled. I gripped the sheets at my sides as my back arched. He pressed down with his finger and swept his tongue up and down my clit in long gentle strokes. My legs began to tremble, and I gave in to the brewing explosion in my center.

My orgasm was blinding. I squeezed my eyes closed as it broke over me. Easton never ceased his relentless worship of my pussy, and every caress of his tongue had me whimpering as I was reduced to a puddle beneath him.

And then there was someone else on the bed with me. Someone familiar. Dark hair. The smell of pine and rainwater. Blue eyes.


“Wait—” I tried to say, but he placed a finger on my lips and stroked my hair off my forehead. I watched, transfixed by him as he pulled his white T-shirt over his head. His body glistened, even though we were in near darkness in the bedroom, and muscle rippled at his sides as he leaned over to kiss me.

All the while, Easton was still kissing, licking, and suckling between my legs.


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