Skylar Mars and the Stolen Egg by Drew Seren & Drew Seren

Skylar Mars and the Stolen Egg by Drew Seren & Drew Seren

Author:Drew Seren & Drew Seren [Seren, Drew]
Language: eng
Format: epub
Publisher: Mystichawker Press
Published: 2018-02-04T00:00:00+00:00

IT DIDN’T take them long to find Solaria. She was in the common room near the cafeteria. Skylar didn’t need to read her emotions to know something was wrong.

“Del, can you take my pack to the room? I’m going to go see what’s wrong with Solaria.”

Del took his pack. “Sure. I’d go with you, but I want to go send the museum curator a thank you for showing us around and giving us an awesome tour.”

Skylar nodded. He’d watched Del spend the entire tour doing his best to impress the various museum employees they encountered, so he wasn’t surprised at him wanting to do something polite. The odds were that, other than from the teachers, it was likely to be the only thank you the staff received. “Okay. You go do that. I’ll catch up to you in a bit.” He followed Solaria.

He found her sitting on one of the couches furthest from the door. She was just taking the egg out of her pack when he reached her. “Hey, is something wrong?”

Her furry face was set in a frown. It made her look angry and more than a little dangerous. “I’ve been thinking.”

Skylar settled into the spot on the couch next to her pack. “About what?”

She started stroking the egg. “This little one. I don’t think I can take it to my room. I don’t think that my roommates will understand that I want to hatch it. Plus, our room is colder than galactic norm. That might not be good for the egg. None of the eggs this size come from cold climates.”

That did sound like a major problem, and something Skylar hadn’t considered. Without knowing what was inside the egg, they didn’t know what kind of care it needed. “You’re trying to decide what to do with it?”

Before she could answer, Pathal and his posse strolled past. The corp-brats all glared but didn’t say anything to either of them.

Solaria warily watched them go by before she continued. “Yeah. I really want to keep it and help it hatch, but what if spending too much time in my room would kill it? What if my roommates kill it and eat it?”

“Eat it?” Skylar scrunched up his face. “What are your roommates?”

“Two of them are Pantherians like me, but the other one, Dorma—she’s a Pinipedian. Some people think they are actually bigger predators than we are. She’s a bit more aggressively predatory. I don’t think her system would tolerate even slightly cooked meat, and she never eats vegetables. I think they put us all together as opposed to risking putting one of the more prey-based species with us.” Solaria shook her head as she stroked the egg. “The egg just wouldn’t be safe. Part of me says take it to a teacher and let them figure out what it is, and return it to where it belongs. I’d love to know how Pathal and his idiots got hold of it. Who was the pig they were talking about?”

“They might’ve stolen it from the museum, in which case we need to return it,” Skylar suggested.


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