Quick & Easy Korean Cooking by Cecilia Hae-Jin Lee

Quick & Easy Korean Cooking by Cecilia Hae-Jin Lee

Author:Cecilia Hae-Jin Lee
Language: eng
Format: epub, mobi
Publisher: Chronicle Books LLC
Published: 2009-03-25T16:00:00+00:00

(galbi jjim)

This recipe, like all beef dishes in Korea, was usually made for parties and special occasions. Nowadays we don’t have to worry about the price of beef, so we can enjoy this for an everyday meal. It’s perfect with a bowl of white rice, salad, and a bit of kimchi on the side.


3 pounds beef short ribs

1 cup soy sauce

3 tablespoons sugar

2 tablespoons Asian sesame oil

3 cloves garlic, minced

1 medium daikon radish, cut into 2-inch cubes

1 medium onion, cut into 1-inch cubes

3 carrots, cut into 1-inch-thick slices

One 2-inch piece ginger, sliced

3 cups water

Pine nuts for garnish


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