My Boyfriend's Lesbian Mom: Book 8: Sensitive Subject by Amanda Clover

My Boyfriend's Lesbian Mom: Book 8: Sensitive Subject by Amanda Clover

Author:Amanda Clover [Clover, Amanda]
Language: eng
Format: epub
Tags: erotica
Published: 2019-07-13T22:00:00+00:00

Cut Loose

“I don’t know why you even bothered showing up,” said Madison Bentley, staring at me from the doorway of the locker room. I tried to push past her, but she braced both arms against the door frame. “You are so fucking cut from the team. After what you did to Luke, you’re lucky I don’t spread it all around the school.”

“What are you talking about?” I snapped.

“What am I talking about?” She laughed. “Olivia Temple told me everything. And I saw you running out of Mrs. Temple’s bedroom. You are fucking his mom you little lezzie slut. On this cheerleading team we do not let our cheerleaders sleep around on the star players.”

First of all, that’s not true, because Madison was dating Clark Wardell, the star running back last year, and she was fucking two different wide receivers on the side at the same time. But that wasn’t really what worried me. What worried me was that Olivia had decided to get more revenge on me by giving my worst enemy in the whole world my deepest secret.

“You can’t cut me from the team,” I said to her. “You have to go through mister—“

“He does whatever I want,” she said. “I already told him you need to go, so, guess what? Bye bye, Emily.”

“I need to change for practice,” I said and this time I shoved my way past her and into the locker room. It was early and I was relieved to see that we were the only two here. Madison followed me to my locker. I warned her, “Back the fuck off, Madison, or I swear to god.”

“You swear to god what?” She said, not backing off at all. “You swear you’ll dyke out with Mrs. Temple while Luke is out there winning games and taking us to the championships?” You swear you’ll—“

“I swear I’ll slap that whore red lipstick off your mouth,” I said, having difficulty with the combination on my locker.

I wasn’t expecting Madison Bentley, prim and perfect, star cheerleader, to hit first. She slapped the side of my face. It didn’t hurt, but as I turned, she grabbed my ponytail and pulled me off balance. I dropped my backpack and went sprawling on the floor. She tried to jump on me, but I didn’t grow up on the wrong side of the tracks without learning how to fight dirty. I drove my knee upwards and right into her coochie as she came down on me. She screamed in pain and rolled sideways.

“You bitch!” She screamed.

“Arrogant slut!” I shouted, my anger echoing in the tiled showers.

It was on. We went at each other with full anger. I had years of being teased and belittled by Madison on my side and she had her perfect blonde rich girl self-esteem on her side. She tore the collar of my shirt and I ripped her red and white Spartans cheerleading skirt. She raked her nails across my face and one of them drew a few drops of blood.



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