My Boyfriend's Lesbian Mom: Book 6: Sexual Liberation by Amanda Clover

My Boyfriend's Lesbian Mom: Book 6: Sexual Liberation by Amanda Clover

Author:Amanda Clover [Clover, Amanda]
Language: eng
Format: epub
Tags: erotica
Published: 2019-01-26T23:00:00+00:00

Pleasant Surprises

Mrs. Temple had a bathing suit. Oh my word, did the beautiful, busty, hardbodied blonde mom having one hell of a bathing suit.

She was wearing one of those monokinis that look like someone stretched a sleek red halter top down to her mound. The strips of red fabric hung on her neck and were just wide enough to cover her stiff nipples and areolas, leaving both sides of her gold-tanned breasts exposed. The strips came together in a V that was taut against her mound as she stretched her long legs on the sun-warmed deck chair. I’d seen the back of the suit as she strutted across the yacht’s upper deck and I knew it barely covered her incredible ass. Not quite a thong, but so small her firm, round cheeks seemed to burst through it.

“You can take the towel off,” she said, the sun reflecting bright white in the lenses of her shades. “Nobody can see us here on the upper deck.”

“Right,” I said, still feeling nervous as I sat on the edge of my own deck chair with the towel wrapped around my body. My hair was still wet from the shower I had taken and I could feel the water dripping down my back and tickling against my ass. Mrs. Temple turned her head and I knew she was watching me.

I wondered again why I felt so nervous, it’s not like she had never seen her naked before. Was it because she was so perfect and beautiful? No, I might not have had Mrs. Temple’s mature curves, but I had enough self esteem to know I was pretty hot. It was something more than that. Not trepidation because of the complexities of our relationship. I mean, yeah, I was fucking her son and her daughter and keeping one of those relationships secret from her, but it wasn’t that either.

It was the trip. That short but intense adventure in China had exposed me to new desires and a world that I had scarcely imagined as a cheerleader on the sidelines of my boyfriend’s football games in Peach Valley.

I wasn’t going to say that I had fallen in love with Dr. Elizabeth Chen during our hot night together, but I had fallen in something with her. She had excited me and she had taken me seriously. Even the degradation of what Olivia had put me through pleasuring the head of security had left its mark. I wasn’t the same person I had been when I had left for China. I had some small understanding of what it meant to be a spy, to use your body to complete a mission, and it was exciting and terrible at the same time.

“I’m just… this trip was a lot,” I said, holding the towel with one hand over my pert breasts.

Mrs. Temple sat up, her bathing suit like a rubber band I kept waiting to snap and reveal her curvy body. She took off her sunglasses and set them on the table beside her deck chair.


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