Mary Pope Osborne - Magic Tree House 30 by Haunted Castle on Hallows Eve

Mary Pope Osborne - Magic Tree House 30 by Haunted Castle on Hallows Eve

Author:Haunted Castle on Hallows Eve [Eve, Haunted Castle on Hallows]
Language: eng
Format: epub
ISBN: 9780307530646
Publisher: Random House Children's Books
Published: 2003-04-13T05:00:00+00:00

“CRA-JAH! CRA-AWK-NEE!” Teddy croaked.

Teddy was speaking Raven now, but Jack understood him perfectly. Teddy had said, Sorry, Jack and Annie!

Annie stepped forward. She fluttered to the window ledge and perched with Teddy.

“GRA-QUORK!” she croaked. That’s okay! This is fun!

“QUORK?” Jack squeaked. Fun?

“GRO-JAH!” croaked Annie. “KAH-SPREE!” Come on, Jack! Let’s fly!

Annie and Teddy lifted off the ledge and disappeared into the moonlit mist.

This can’t be real, thought Jack. It can’t be real!

He looked at his feathers and claws. He stretched out his right wing, then his left. He flapped them both. Before he knew what was happening, he lifted clumsily off the floor and landed on the window ledge.

Jack saw Annie and Teddy flying around in the moonlight. They were zipping about like acrobats—diving and tumbling through the air.

“AWK-NEE CAW!” Jack croaked. Annie, come back!

“SPREE! SPREE!” she called. Fly! Fly!


Annie rose from a dive. In one easy swoop, she glided up and sat beside Jack on the window ledge.

This is so much fun, Jack! she croaked. Don’t just sit here!

Teddy flew by them. I’m off to the mountain-top! he croaked. Fly with me!

Come on, Jack! croaked Annie. She took off after Teddy, swooping through the cool night air.

Oh, man! Fear clutched Jack’s small raven heart. I have definitely entered the tunnel of fear now, he thought. Merlin’s words echoed in his mind: “Proceed onward with courage, and you will come out into the light.”

Jack looked out at the night. He closed his eyes. He jumped off the ledge.

Jack was falling! He opened his eyes and flapped. His wings lifted him up. He steadied himself. He hovered in the cold night air, his eyes darting from right to left. He looked down. He nearly fainted! The castle courtyard was far below!

Jack flapped wildly. He glided. He flapped again. He glided. Flapping and gliding, he climbed higher and higher into the sky.

Finally Jack caught up with Annie and Teddy. They were circling in the air, waiting for him.

“RARK!” Jack croaked. Onward!

The three of them flew together through the moonlit night, heading for the nest of the Raven King. Except for the swooshing of their wings, they made no noise.

They soared up the side of the mountain, past hemlocks and tall pines. They flew through long, misty clouds.

As they glided toward the mountain’s peak, Teddy let out a low croak: Raven troops!

Jack peered through the night. He couldn’t believe his eyes. In the white moonlight, he saw thousands of ravens roosting on rocky ledges!

Jack, Annie, and Teddy kept flying. They soared above the troops, higher and higher, toward the craggy peak of the mountain. When they reached the top, Teddy let out a squawk.

There it is! he croaked. The nest of the Raven King!


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