Mary in the Bible and in Our Lives by Wilfrid Stinissen

Mary in the Bible and in Our Lives by Wilfrid Stinissen

Author:Wilfrid Stinissen [Stinissen, Wilfrid]
Language: eng
Format: epub
Tags: Spiritual & Religion
ISBN: 9781681497914
Publisher: Ignatius Press
Published: 2018-02-15T06:00:00+00:00


Mary and the Holy Spirit

In one of the most beautiful statements about Mary, the council explains that she is “fashioned by the Holy Spirit” (Quasi a Spiritu Sancto plasmata).1 She is a work of art designed by the Holy Spirit. A masterpiece that bears witness to the Artist. To honor Mary is to worship the Holy Spirit, for everything that Mary is and has is a fruit of his work. It cannot be an accident that Mary is called Advocata nostra, in the liturgy, exactly the same name Jesus gave to the Holy Spirit (Parakltos). The Orthodox call Mary Panagia (all holy). Mary cannot hide her origin. She is humble and works in hiddenness, like the Holy Spirit; he who does not even have a name of his own (“Spirit” is a name that applies to the whole Godhead: “God is spirit” [Jn 4:24]) and whose entire mission consists in revealing the Father through Jesus.


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