Marathon: The Complete Series (Books 1-9) by Daniel Young

Marathon: The Complete Series (Books 1-9) by Daniel Young

Author:Daniel Young
Language: eng
Format: mobi
Tags: Romance, Science Fiction, Adult, Paranormal, Fantasy
Published: 2023-02-07T00:00:00+00:00


ECKHART STORMED over to the weapons locker and yanked out four rifles. He loaded them fast, hung two across his chest, and barged out of the Sani.

He shot an enraged glance to right and left. There was no one around. Whoever took Bing had completely disappeared.

He set off at a fast clip toward the medical kiosk. If those bastards had taken Bing there, Eckhart would blow the whole damn place to kingdom come to get him back.

Eckhart already knew whoever took Bing wouldn’t take him to the medical kiosk. No one would break into a stranger’s ship to steal a Yakit if they wanted to use him in a Regiment medical kiosk.

No, whoever had taken Bing planned to sell him on the slave market. A Yakit was worth too much to keep on a Regiment station, no matter what Staton said.

The kidnapper would have hidden Bing somewhere. Damn it! Now Eckhart had to find two people no one wanted to be found.

To hell with DeWalt. Eckhart couldn’t go anywhere until he got Bing back. He would delay the assault for the rest of eternity until he satisfied himself that Bing wouldn’t be in danger of getting injured or killed in the bombardment.

He strode past the medical kiosk, squinting through the windows. Of course Bing wasn’t there. Bastards!

Eckhart’s mind spun off somewhere else. He couldn’t track down Corporal Moneybags. That asshole worked at the sentry crossing in orbit over Oiwei, where Eckhart would never be able to reach him. Corporal Moneybags better not have taken Bing up there, or Eckhart would—

Torturous fantasies flooded Eckhart’s head. He barely noticed when a troop of security personnel marched around the medical kiosk’s other side. They halted in front of Eckhart and blocked his path.

“Hand over your weapon, sir!” the sergeant in charge ordered. “Civilians aren’t permitted weapons on this station.”

“Get your sad, sorry asses out of my way,” Eckhart snarled. “You do not want to mess me with right now, Sergeant. Trust me.”

The sergeant held up his weapon. “Stand down, sir! Put your weapons on the ground, turn around, and put your hands above your head.”

Eckhart gritted his teeth. He didn’t have time for this shit. He tightened his grip on his rifle to shoot down the whole troop when a piercing scream echoed across the landing zone adjacent to the medical kiosk.

Eckhart looked toward the sound and every nerve tensed. He knew the sound of a Yakit in pain, and from the way Staton was talking, there could only be one Yakit on this station.

The sergeant looked away at the same moment, and Eckhart reacted in a split second. He drove his rifle stock hard into the man’s nose and then bolted behind the medical kiosk. The security troop gave chase, but Eckhart had already ducked into the shadows and vanished into the station’s forgotten recesses.

He sprinted to the landing zone in time to see a bunch of Regiment personnel standing guard around an Angkarn ZK-82 attack barge. Behind them, a shaggy bunch of Regors fought some struggling aliens into the hold.


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