Divided They Fall: Part II in The David Nbeke Thriller Series by Dan Fletcher

Divided They Fall: Part II in The David Nbeke Thriller Series by Dan Fletcher

Author:Dan Fletcher [Fletcher, Dan]
Language: eng
Format: epub
Published: 2018-11-02T00:00:00+00:00


Omondi’s Residence, Nairobi

August 3rd, 1998

David drove past the slip road and gatehouse that belonged to the Canadian High Commission on Limuru Road. The land around the existing two-storey mission was being cleared for redevelopment of the site. Bulldozers trundled around loading huge trucks, smoke puffing from their exhaust stacks. Diggers were busy excavating what must be the future basement. David stopped at the temporary traffic control and glared at the road-worker holding the red sign.

Tanui hadn’t been happy about obtaining a search warrant for Omondi’s home based solely on David and Clarissa’s say so. Part of him felt guilty and wanted to tell the Commander who was on the video recording from the bank. But he was also glad that Clarissa had asked him not to. David didn’t want Abasi ending up at the mercy of Kenya’s legal system again. There wasn’t going to be a next time. Not if he could help it. He had to find Abasi before Clarissa put him away and Omondi was the best place to start. Idi Tikolo could wait for now, but he was next on the list.

The vehicles coming the other way had passed through. David honked the horn to wake up the worker, who was leant against the pole with his eyes shut. The road worker glared at him but reluctantly turned the sign to ‘GO’.

David sped past and took the next left into Gigiri Road. Omondi’s was the third house on the left and backed onto the forest. David crawled past, lights were on in a few of the rooms and Omondi’s car was parked outside. He carried on down the road a few hundred meters and pulled up against the kerb.

There was no sign of the squad car yet that Tanui had requested to keep watch. David knew that it would take a while for the order to filter down to the local police. Omondi’s was only a short detour on the way to his mother’s so David had decided to keep watch on the bank manager’s house until the police arrived.

David had phoned the assistant manager at the bank to get Omondi’s address for the search warrant. In a squeaky voice, Hazare had also revealed that Omondi was divorced and lived alone most of the time. His children lived with their mother and rarely visited him.

David reclined his seat and adjusted the rear-view mirror so that he could see the entrance to Omondi’s house.

Omondi’s was in the minority of the twenty grandiose residences dotted along the street, it being amongst a handful that were only single storey. A wide strip of grass on each side of the road divided the property borders from the tarmac.

Thirty minutes passed by and David didn’t see a single pedestrian. In that time only two vehicles drove by, one of them bearing Polish diplomatic plates. David shrank back in his seat to avoid being caught in their headlights.

It was getting late and his mother wouldn’t be happy if he missed dinner again.


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