We Hunt Monsters 3 by Aaron Oster

We Hunt Monsters 3 by Aaron Oster

Author:Aaron Oster [Oster, Aaron]
Language: eng
Format: epub
Publisher: GFS Publishing Inc
Published: 2022-07-20T16:00:00+00:00

Quest update: The Gluttonous Sage

Wow, you actually made it here without getting caught. Guess you’re moving on to bigger and better things like exploring the factory! Go in and take a good, long look around. Maybe you’ll find out what they’re doing here.

Difficulty: SSS

Current Objective: Explore the production facility

Current Rewards: 3,000 XP, Information

Time remaining: 6 Hours

+4,500 XP

+450 bonus XP

Keith suppressed a sigh of annoyance. He’d been hoping that by reaching the factory alone, he’d have more time, but it seemed the system was going to force him to explore it now. It was a good thing his hunch had been right because trying to find another way in would have been significantly more difficult.

He moved across the roof, testing the latch and finding it rusted shut. A single well-placed blow from his hammer cracked the latch. The noise from the inside of the building should mask any he made. With a hard tug, the door was yanked open, revealing a dusty staircase down to the third floor.

“Ew, this place is nasty,” Bob said, waving a hand before his face.

Keith had to agree. It looked like no one had been up here in ages, which made him wonder what was stored on the third floor.

After making it down to the bottom of the stairs, he found himself among dozens of dusty crates. Some were rotting and molding, while others looked just a little fresher. A thick layer of dust covered the area, showing how seldom people came up here. However, as Keith moved further inward, carefully placing his feet to avoid any creaking, he finally found an area clear of most dust.

Newer crates were stacked here, and a bit of hunting led him to a panel with an extendable ladder down to the second floor. Crouching, Keith carefully eased the panel back, peeking down through the ceiling to see what was happening below.

A massive set of machines stood in the center of the room, both hissing and steaming and generally making so much noise that it drowned everything else out. The first and second floors appeared to be connected, with a walkway stretching about five feet out from the wall and surrounding the machines.

Vampires swarmed everywhere, pulling rings from the machines, loading metal and other materials inside, or lugging buckets of water. It was extremely hot in here as well, and Keith suspected the machines were to blame.

At the center of the floor, he could see a vampire bearing a striking resemblance to Vlad, the one he’d killed back in Umber City, standing on a raised platform and screaming his head off. His face was beet red, which was extremely impressive for a vampire. The sort of temper this man had to possess to maintain such a complexion must have been great indeed.

By this point, Keith wasn’t even sure what he was looking for anymore. He knew Guzzlarian was up to something with the rings. Additionally, the man was running a large number of illegal substances throughout the continent. Keith had


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