Using Geodata and Geolocation in the Social Sciences by David Abernathy

Using Geodata and Geolocation in the Social Sciences by David Abernathy

Author:David Abernathy
Language: eng
Format: epub
Publisher: Sage Publications, Ltd.
Published: 2016-09-29T13:31:43.160537+00:00

Switching from “top” tweets to “all” tweets provides a somewhat better return, but there are still several tweets about music as well as some tweets about Panama City, Florida. In order to narrow our search results to the actual country of Panama, we can employ the geocoding features built into the Twitter API.

One way to geographically filter your Twitter search is by including the “near:” parameter in your search request. Entering the search “Panama near:Panama” returns a different collection of tweets than does “Panama near:Florida,” since Twitter recognizes most place names that you would find in a gazetteer like GeoNames. Note that Twitter has an advanced search that also lets you search according to location, as well as providing additional tools for narrowing your search according to language, date ranges, specific user accounts, and more (Figure 9.3).

Figure 9.3 Twitter Advanced Search © Twitter, Inc.


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