Sizzling Chauffeur by East Elouise & Club Hero

Sizzling Chauffeur by East Elouise & Club Hero

Author:East, Elouise & Club, Hero
Language: eng
Format: epub
Publisher: Cocky Hero Club, Inc.
Published: 2021-10-16T16:00:00+00:00


Chapter 12


The memories of falling asleep in Louis’s arms stayed with Mal for days afterward. It helped him get to sleep at night, imagining Louis was there. Unfortunately, waking alone was terrible. He understood Louis’s reasons, especially as he lived in a different area from him, but it didn’t stop the bite of sadness. By Thursday, he was ready for the weekend.

“Mal!” Brody called him from the back office.

“I’ll be there in a second!”

“Now, Mal!” The urgency in his boss’s voice had him abandoning the drink to Skye’s capable hands and rushing down the corridor.

“What’s wrong?” Brody held the phone out to him, his expression closed off. Mal took the phone. “Hello?”

“Mr. Carter, it’s Gia.” Mal’s throat closed, and Brody guided him into a seat. “I’m sorry to say that your father isn’t doing well. I would recommend you come and visit as soon as possible. I’m sorry that I don’t have better news.”

Mal couldn’t say anything, but the phone was taken from him, and voices spoke in the distance. He was losing his father. Despite the knowledge his father was in the last place he’d ever live, Mal had believed he would live for a while longer. He felt guilty for not taking Lucy to see him the previous weekend because of how busy they had been.

Lucy! He stood abruptly. “I need to call the school. I have to get her and take her to Dad before it’s too late.”

“Calm down, Mal. We’ll figure it out and get you there. I called Flynn. He’s going to be here in a few minutes, and he’ll take you to pick up Lucy and then go to your dad.”

Brody’s voice was calming, but Mal’s heart raced. He tried to think of all the things that needed to be done, but everything had already been arranged. He dropped his head into his hands and breathed. If he did any more, he’d break, and he couldn’t break when he needed to be strong for Lucy. He had no idea how long he stayed like that.

“I’m here,” Flynn said, entering the office in a rush. “Let’s go.”

Mal stood in a daze.

“Here’s your things.” Brody handed him his bag and helped him remove the apron he still wore. “Let me know what’s going on.”

“I’ll keep you posted,” Flynn said, guiding Mal out of the door.

Mal didn’t remember any of the journey to Lucy’s school, but the expressions of pity on the staff’s faces and the tears in Lucy’s eyes as she ran toward him brought the truth of the situation to the surface. He wrapped his arms around her, breathing deeply to withhold his tears. Leading her out to Flynn’s car, he climbed into the backseat with her and held her close.

Although he’d stared out of the window for the whole trip to the hospice, he was surprised when the car stopped and they’d arrived. It took some coaxing to get Lucy out of the car. She wanted to see their father, but she also didn’t want to because it would make it real.


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