Sexy Feminism by Jennifer Keishin Armstrong

Sexy Feminism by Jennifer Keishin Armstrong

Author:Jennifer Keishin Armstrong
Language: eng
Format: epub
Publisher: HMH Books

The Solution: Start Viewing Other Women as Your Greatest Allies

While our feminist foremothers of the 1960s envisioned women standing united to rise to equal power with men, the reality, as more and more women have entered the workplace, has been women often at odds with their female coworkers. The vision represented by the 1980 movie 9 to 5—of female secretaries banding together to revolt against “sexist, egotistical, lying, hypocritical bigot” bosses—has hardly come to pass.

That doesn’t mean we can’t get there. For starters, why not seek out a female role model? You’ll both benefit from the relationship: she from the relief of having another woman on her side, you from her wealth of experience in getting ahead in a sexist world. If you’re in a position to be that female role model, why not seek out some younger women to mentor? You’ll be helping womankind and boosting your own ego. There’s nothing more fun than having starry-eyed fans who want to be just like you. Plus, if you wait five or ten years, they’ll be in positions to help you out. You’ll have a whole secret army of your protégées stationed across your industry, ready to do your bidding while you kick back and relax. Sure, you can mentor men too—and don’t forget to seek out your own male mentor if that’s who’s dominating the top ranks—but the women will appreciate it more. “Mentoring makes a huge difference from both sides,” Mooney says. “The woman who’s the mentor might feel less threatened if she’s giving advice. And to the woman being mentored, it gives more of the feeling that there’s space for everyone.”


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