Our Violent Ends by Chloe Gong

Our Violent Ends by Chloe Gong

Author:Chloe Gong [Gong, Chloe]
Language: eng
Format: epub
Publisher: Hodder & Stoughton Ltd
Published: 2021-09-24T00:00:00+00:00

Juliette waited outside impatiently, half thinking that it would be Tyler emerging before Kathleen and Roma did. The timing could ruin this whole scheme. All it would take was Tyler freeing himself from the bonds that she had secured over him, bonds that she had secured rather hastily after attacking him from behind with a bag over his head. Time had been of the essence: it was more important for her to get out than it was to keep him tied down all night.

At last Kathleen and Roma emerged from the restaurant, stepping back into the busyness of Chenghuangmiao. At the same moment, there was a shout from above, loud because of the broken window. A few late-night strollers glanced up but did not pause, paying no heed to the strange events that occurred in these places.

A bang. Tyler had freed himself.

“I’ll try to keep him distracted,” Kathleen said, already moving back in the direction of the restaurant. “Both of you, go!”

They didn’t need more prompting. Side by side, Roma and Juliette kept a steady, nonsuspicious pace until Tyler burst out from the building, bellowing into the night and asking for the intruder to show himself. By then enough time had passed that they had faded into the crowd and could pick up speed. Though there weren’t as many people here in the night as in the day, it was enough cover to blend in and step into an alleyway out of Tyler’s sight utterly.

“Come on,” Juliette whispered, forging ahead. The alley walls loomed alongside them, tall and foreboding. “Remember your bargain, Roma. Find me the Frenchman.”

“I will work as fast as I can,” Roma said from behind her. “I promise that—oomph!”

Juliette whirled around with a gasp, alarmed by Roma’s muffled shout. For a startling moment, she did not even think to draw a weapon. She could only wonder how Tyler had found them when she thought she’d lost him. She thought that he wouldn’t have been able to move through the crowds at such speed.

Then her vision focused, and she realized Roma was not being attacked; whoever had ahold of him was pressing a cloth to his face, and when Roma dropped to the ground, falling unconscious, the figure set him down without malice.

It was not Tyler who had found them.

It was Benedikt Montagov, who stood to his full height, pushing back the hood of his coat and walking toward her.

Tā mā de.

“I didn’t gauge you to be the type to murder your own cousin,” Juliette snarked, slowly inching back. If she bolted now, chances were that she could make a run for it. There was another alley across from this one, leading into a busier street that might give her shelter.

“He is only knocked out,” Benedikt replied coldly. “Because he could not do what needs to be done.”

The gun came out in an instant. He had not been holding it before, but then it was in his hand, the stark, sleek weapon glinting under the moonlight and only three paces away from being pressed directly to Juliette’s forehead.


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