Ice Pops with Roberto Clemente by J.L. Anderson

Ice Pops with Roberto Clemente by J.L. Anderson

Author:J.L. Anderson [Anderson J. L.]
Language: eng
Format: epub
Publisher: Rourke Educational Media
Published: 2018-05-15T00:00:00+00:00

Home Run!

“You better get off your ankle,” Roberto said to Fiona. He showed them where to sit in the stadium.

“Sit in the stadium?” Fiona asked. She wanted to be a bat girl.

Finley wanted to collect bats too or play with the team, but he remembered his promise to Dad.

“You won’t be disappointed,” Roberto said. He chatted with them for a few moments about how he loved to play baseball all his life. He winked before he left to join the Pittsburgh Pirates.

The stadium was packed with nearly 50,000 fans, but Fiona and Finley had a great view.

“What a right arm!” Fiona said as Roberto went up to bat.

Fiona and Finley sat on the edge of their seats. Both teams made some solid plays. Roberto could swing wildly yet also catch and throw well.

When Roberto came up to bat later, he swung ferociously. The ball soared up and over the outfield, straight toward Fiona and Finley’s seats!

“Catch it!” Finley yelled.

Fiona kept her eye on the ball. It stung as she reached out and caught it.

“Wowza!” Finley said.

Roberto’s home run helped the Pirates win the game.


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