Breakneck Booty: The 19 Most Effective, No-Equipment Exercises To Strengthen, Grow And Transform Your Glutes From Home in Just 14 Days by Kennedy Shelby

Breakneck Booty: The 19 Most Effective, No-Equipment Exercises To Strengthen, Grow And Transform Your Glutes From Home in Just 14 Days by Kennedy Shelby

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The Dirty Dog (also known as the Fire Hydrant) is another aptly named exercise. You can probably guess what it’s going to look like just from the title. The Dirty Dog also targets your gluteus maximus and is very similar to Donkey Kicks.

The Dirty Dog is a very well-rounded exercise. It targets all areas of your hip mobility and glute functions. These functions are your extension, your internal and external rotation, and your hip abduction.

Hip abduction is the movement your hips and legs make off of your torso. These movements aid in day-to-day activities like getting in and out of your car. Your internal and external hip rotations also assist in basic, everyday activities like walking and running. Hip extensions are simply any movement that lengthens the front of our hips. We see this daily as we stand from a seated position. Our hips are ball joints, meaning movement in all different directions is possible, so it’s essential to strengthen our hip muscles and joints in every direction and mode possible.

Start with the Tabletop Pose again. Don’t forget to keep your back straight and neutral, align your wrists under your shoulders, and line up your knees under your hips. Make sure that you’re looking down at the ground directly below you to retain a straight, flat back.

Start with your right leg first. Tuck your pelvis and engage your core to retain stability as you lift your right leg away from your center at a 45-degree angle. Think of your leg as a swinging door. Make sure you keep your knee bent at a 90-degree angle. Tuck the pelvis and engage your core to retain stability. Make sure your hips stay square and lined up with your shoulders as you squeeze your glutes at the top of this movement. When you are done, slowly lower your right leg back to the ground. Repeat this exercise until you’ve completed all your reps for your right side before switching to the left side.

Form Tips

Make sure you’re staying safe and rotating your hip correctly. You can achieve this by thinking about pointing your toes to the wall you’re lifting towards. Double-check that you are engaging your core and hips throughout this exercise for added stability. Ensure that your hips are the only parts of your body that are doing the actual moving.


Once you perfect your form, the Dirty Dog sculpts your glutes and improves your posture. This exercise also helps to improve back pain when correctly executed. The Dirty Dog encourages stability by engaging your glutes and your ab muscles, enabling you to maintain a neutral spine.

The Dirty Dog benefits both your hip rotators and abductors through the extension of your hips and through the rotation needed to execute extending correctly. Working your hip muscles and joints helps you during everyday activities like walking, climbing the stairs, and dancing.


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