Puerto Rico
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SUNSET A trampled carnation, or the red jacket sleeve blurred on that girl quickening after the ball draws my mind to the ship that I am told is coming, preparing ...
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El Yunque – with an intensity characteristic of Puerto Rico’s sub-climates – offers a startling diversity of vegetation and “forest types.” Most widespread is the Tabonuco forest, which ranges around ...
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How did Operation Bootstrap transform the Island’s economy? In the two decades after the end of World War II, Puerto Rico’s rates of economic growth were among the highest in ...
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Home Run! “You better get off your ankle,” Roberto said to Fiona. He showed them where to sit in the stadium. “Sit in the stadium?” Fiona asked. She wanted to ...
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Beware of Strangers: No One Can Be Trusted, Not Even Your Own Relatives Hard-earned lessons are indeed an integral part of moral stories that reflected the pervasive distrust of strangers ...
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Casa AlcaldíaNOTABLE BUILDING (Town Hall; MAP GOOGLE MAP ; %787-284-4141; h8am-5pm Mon-Fri)F Facing the south side of Plaza Las Delicias, Ponce’s city hall was built in the 1840s. The last ...
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Aguirre GHOST TOWN Crumbling monuments to the sugar industry are evident everywhere in the southeast, but there’s no more heartbreaking reminder of departed ‘King Sugar’ than sleepy Aguirre, which borders ...
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