Medical Informatics
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pdf |en | | Author: Gerald Glandon; Detlev H. Smaltz; Donna J. Slovensky

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pdf | | 2020-07-22 | Author:Gerald L. Glandon;Donna J. Slovensky;Detlev H. Smaltz;

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Figure 5-1 Relationship between interpretability and explainability Interpretable, explainable AI facilitates patient-centered care by providing clinicians and patients with the necessary information for shared decision-making. Meaningful conversations about the potential ...
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epub |eng | 2018-02-15 | Author:Yellowlees, Peter;Shore, Jay H.;

Miller HA: Miller Forensic Assessment of Symptoms Test (M-FAST): Professional Manual. Odessa, FL, Psychological Assessment Resources, 2001 Myers K, Cain S; The Work Group on Quality Issues: Practice parameter for ...
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