Administrative Law
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Twelve The Only Viable Option Near the Polish-Ukrainian border, early on March 15, Seaspray prepared to start the mission to get me out of Kyiv. He knew well how hazardous ...
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Fourteen Global Citizen As I fought to stay emotionally afloat during my job search, it didn’t help that I was now completely alone in Bigmama’s house, where for weeks I ...
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Chapter 20 When Rachel finally got to her front door, bone-weary exhausted in a way she had never experienced before, her sister Cheryl was pacing on the front stoop. “What ...
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* * * VIJAY, THE INDIAN COWBOY, WENT home that night and cried—for Eddie and his siblings and the cruel hand they’d been dealt in life. You could say that ...
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The nature of the job itself was at the heart of their job satisfaction for other Governors. In particular, Governors spoke of the variety of work that they undertook, and ...
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The Hidden Curriculum Erroll Boyle, Matt Peterson and Joleen Gagnon knew that they were teaching more than just literature when they taught Literature. They were aware that they were using ...
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Final remarks The analysis we have carried out illustrates the fruitfulness of the notion of violence regimes in understanding the logics of disappearance at a given time and place, as ...
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5 Life on the margins A few months after the 2015 election in Myanmar, I flew from Yangon to Kale, a dusty town in the country’s west, close to the ...
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Political Organization, Resilience, and Spread of Secular Reformism In the forty years that followed, Abdülhamit II remained the unquestioned ruler of the empire. His regime combined three notable features. First, ...
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epub |eng | 1996-10-23 | Author:George R. R. Martin [Martin, George R. R.]

TYRION “YOU WANT EAT?” MORD ASKED, glowering. He had a plate of boiled beans in one thick, stub-fingered hand. Tyrion Lannister was starved, but he refused to let this brute ...
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I was certainly captivated by Mrs. Shigeto's story. For I, too, long to lead a quiet life with Eeyore as nobodies. This was all the more reason that I, feeling ...
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Propinquity In psychology, propinquity is a very old concept going back to the 1930s11 and, like most of social psychology, once you have thought it through it is obvious. Simply ...
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DC police officer Michael Fanone Chapter Twenty THE BLUE A week after Senate Minority Leader Mitch McConnell announced in late May that he would oppose an independent commission to investigate ...
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