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Site gadget's limitations/restrictions/use cases Site-embedded web applications are a nice way to give access to your script functions because they enable easy page navigation and the possibility to add descriptions, ...
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Longer investigations—When an integration test fails, it requires more time for investigation and debugging because there are many possible reasons for a failure. Simulation is harder—It is harder than it ...
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The table at the bottom of the screen shows the status on a per-language basis so that you know what is missing to complete your multilingual website. Let’s proceed with ...
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Figure 9.1 Unlike an int, an int option can have two outcomes: either it wraps a real int, or it has nothing in it. You need to pattern match on ...
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Celery Celery is an open source task queue system written in Python and available as a Python package (https://pypi.org/project/celery/). Celery runs on top of message queue brokers such as RabbitMQ ...
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The preceding Book class implements the interface by always returning a count of 1 because it is a single book, a leaf in the tree. The Type property is also ...
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