An Irish Country Cookbook by Patrick Taylor

An Irish Country Cookbook by Patrick Taylor

Author:Patrick Taylor
Language: eng
Format: epub
Publisher: Tom Doherty Associates



You can make chutney with virtually any fruit or vegetable that you have in abundance. If you are making chutney for long-term storage you must sterilize the canning jars. If you are planning to make a lot of jelly, jam, and chutney then it would be a good investment to buy a preserving pan sometimes called a jam pan. These are usually made of heavy-gauge aluminum and are large enough and heavy based so that you can bring the jam or chutney to a high temperature and, in the case of chutney making, to enable the vinegar to reduce and the chutney to thicken.

Smaller amounts of chutney for immediate use do not need to be stored in canning jars and may be kept in the fridge in plastic containers, or may be frozen. However, some chutney does improve with keeping and where that is the case I have indicated. These chutneys will need to be bottled in sterilised jars and stored in a cool, dark cupboard. It is not necessary to refrigerate them.


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