A Power Awakened (The Volatar Saga Book 2) by D.K. Holmberg

A Power Awakened (The Volatar Saga Book 2) by D.K. Holmberg

Author:D.K. Holmberg [Holmberg, D.K.]
Language: eng
Format: epub
Publisher: ASH Publishing
Published: 2020-04-06T16:00:00+00:00



The lights within Yarshin glowed, giving Hevith enough illumination to know how to reach the city. He crouched on the ridgeline, preparing to descend, ready to go alone. Perhaps it was best he was alone. In the darkness, he could hide his fear better.

Movement nearby startled him and Hevith jumped to his feet, spinning around and reaching for his sword. “What are you doing?”

Thirteen watched him, looking past Hevith and down into the city. “I came to ask you the same thing. I thought Graychen told you that you shouldn’t go.”

“Graychen doesn’t command me.”

Thirteen descended the ridgeline a little ways, picking his footing carefully. “You’d really go down and risk yourself?”

“For the inestar?”

“For people you don’t know.”

“Isn’t that what you did as a soldier?”

Thirteen glanced over his shoulder at him. “I never viewed it that way. I wasn’t alone when we attacked. It made it easier.”

“I didn’t want to be alone, though with what I intend, I wonder if it might not be for the best. This way, I’m the only one risking myself.” Hevith took a deep breath, trying to feel more confident than he really did. “Besides, doing this gives the others a chance to keep moving. The Hith will focus on me, not on them.”

That was his plan, at least. Mother would lead them, as she had before they’d left the prison. In doing so, they would keep moving along the road. They would have the Firsters for protection, and they could reach one of those smaller towns along the road. What did it matter that the last time Hevith had been in one of those small towns, they’d been attacked?


Hevith turned his attention back to Thirteen. “Why what?”

“Why are you so willing to sacrifice yourself?”

“I don’t intend to sacrifice myself.”

“You’re going knowing Hith are there. It’s like what you did in the yard. You were willing to take on others.”

“Not intentionally,” Hevith said.


He stared into the darkness. He could feel the pull of the inestar. It was down in the city, calling to him, drawing his attention. With enough time, he would be able to find it. He knew he’d be able to track it. Even taking a few steps down the ridgeline had made the sense of it that much greater, so that he knew he could get to it.

“I understand why Graychen isn’t willing to go after it. You can tell him that.”

“Tell him?”

Hevith glanced over. “That’s why you’re here, isn’t it? Graychen wanted me to know he’s not afraid of the Hith and he’s doing what needs doing in order to protect the Jahor. I understand. He didn’t need to send you down to tell me.”

“Graychen didn’t send me.”

“Then why are you here?”

“I wanted to know why you were doing this.”

Hevith shook his head. “I don’t really know. Because it needs doing. It’s the right thing to do. And regardless of what Graychen might believe, there are Jahor in the city. He can ask Alicia. They’re in danger—more so now with the presence of the Hith.


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