Monsters by Katie May

Monsters by Katie May

Author:Katie May [May, Katie]
Language: eng
Format: epub
Published: 2019-10-27T22:00:00+00:00

Chapter 24


Jack is waiting for me at the entrance to the dorms, body hunched over the book he’s reading. I take an unobstructed moment to appreciate him. Even with his too large glasses and long hair, the man is beautiful. Unlike the others, he doesn’t exude an alpha dominance or a cold power that makes my skin bristle.

Some monsters look at kindness—compassion—as a grave sin. A weakness. I see it for what it really is: a chance to save this fucked-up world.

Sure, brute strength and a commanding tone is nice and all, but have you ever sat in front of a fire, content in a gentle man’s arms? Having him rub your hair and whisper how beautiful you are?

Jack is the type of man I could dominate in bed. Control. Milk his cock for all it’s worth—

What the fuck, Vi? I scold myself. How did you go from thinking about his shy, sweet demeanor to imagining dominating him in the bedroom?

Maybe it’s because of the stereotype. You see someone like Jack, someone sweet, nerdy, and timid, and automatically assume he’ll submit to you.

He could be the opposite. I’ve read romance novels before, and the shy ones always end up being freaky in the sheets.

Not that I would mind.

My cheeks flame as I picture Jack controlling me, dominating me, the sculpted planes of his tanned chest on display.

He snaps his book closed suddenly, head lifting to meet my penetrating gaze. I know my cheeks are probably bright red, and my lips are unbearably dry. My tongue snakes out to lick them...before I immediately think about licking other things.

“How did you sleep?” Jack asks, stepping towards me. He meets my eyes, blushes, and then looks away. He combs his fingers through his shoulder-length hair, the movement revealing the jagged edge of his scar. When he notices me staring, he darkens further, ducking his head and kicking his feet.

“It was weird,” I begin, walking beside him down the curving, wooded path to the cafeteria.

“Weird how?” Before I can respond, he slips my backpack off my shoulder and shrugs it over his own. At my scathing glare—because I’m an independent wannabe badass woman—he smiles sheepishly. “You looked tense. I didn’t want you in pain before fighting class today.”

He is just too damn adorable at times.

I open my mouth to tell him about Dimitri’s impromptu visit before snapping it closed. The last thing I need is for Hux to make an appearance and go all “macho possessive” on me.

Hux doesn’t like a lot of people around me, particularly men. Hell, he freaked out the one time I mentioned I’ve seen Cynthia’s boobs and demanded I move in with him.

He is just too damn adorable at times.

Shrugging, I change the subject, hoping that Jack doesn’t notice my evasion of his question. “How’s Hux doing, by the way?” Then, speaking directly to Hux, I add, “How are you doing, Chocolate Bar.”

Yes, I have decided to nickname Hux “Chocolate Bar.” No, it hasn’t been sticking, if the looks I receive from the other men are any indication.


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