Machine Learning with Microsoft Technologies by Leila Etaati

Machine Learning with Microsoft Technologies by Leila Etaati

Author:Leila Etaati
Language: eng
Format: epub
ISBN: 9781484236581
Publisher: Apress

On the Create Cluster page (Figure 10-4), enter the relevant information, such as cluster name, version (default), Python version, minimum and maximum workers, and so forth.

Figure 10-4Create Cluster page in Azure Databricks

As you can see in Figure 10-4, we a have driver node and a worker node. The worker node is for distributing your workload. The driver node is responsible for maintaining the SparkContext. It is possible to resize automatically and autoscale the size of the cluster. By enabling autoscale, the minimum and maximum number of workers can be limited during a cluster’s lifetime.

To use Clusters, you should wait till State changes to Running (Figure 10-5). By creating an interactive cluster, you can create a notebook in which to write codes and from which to get results quickly.

Figure 10-5Running Clusters


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