C++ for Lazy Programmers by Will Briggs

C++ for Lazy Programmers by Will Briggs

Author:Will Briggs
Language: eng
Format: epub
ISBN: 9781484251874
Publisher: Apress

Look at the print call in Example 15-1. Why aren’t we telling arrival about day, month, and year? It already knows – it contains them! It doesn’t know whether we want to print to cout or a file, so we do have to tell it that.

I didn’t say how to print yet. Here’s how.void Date::print (std::ostream& out)


out << days_ << '-' << months_ << '-' << years_;


The “Date::” tells the compiler, “This isn’t just any function named print – it’s the one belonging to Date.”

When you call itarrival.print (cout);


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