The Noun Phrase in English by unknow

The Noun Phrase in English by unknow

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He was hoping when he, you know, finished at Yale, he would go to University of Chicago, Berkeley. (COCA, 2009, SPOK, NPR_Science) 3

Standard reference grammars of English only mention the factor of regional variation and semantic differences. Previous research has not looked at syntactic and lexical variation (i.e. the structure of the NP and the effect of collocation with different verbs and prepositions). 4 I will use corpus data to investigate the relative weight that these factors have on the variable use of the definite article. In the next section, I will outline the theoretical background. In part three of this paper, I will give information on the corpora that provide the empirical material for this study, on data retrieval and on the definition of the variable context. In section four, I will present the results, including a multivariate analysis of the factors investigated. These will be discussed against the theoretical background introduced in the next section.


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