Legal Words You Should Know by Corey Sandler & Janice Keefe

Legal Words You Should Know by Corey Sandler & Janice Keefe

Author:Corey Sandler & Janice Keefe
Language: eng
Format: epub
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Publisher: Adams Media, Inc.
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Jeopardy, noun

In danger of being charged or convicted of a crime.

The district attorney warned Mr. Jones that he was in legal jeopardy of being charged as an accomplice in the crime before he asked him to submit to interrogation about the incident.

Joint, adjective

Property, rights, or obligations shared or otherwise held together by two or more persons or organizations.

The shipping company was a joint operation by Consolidated Intergalactic and Transoceanic Freight.

See also: Severalty

Joint and several liability, noun

An element of certain contracts that allows a creditor to sue one or more of the members of a group of parties if other defendants do not have sufficient resources to pay a judgment.

The contract says that the borrowers give the lender joint and several liability in the event of a lawsuit, allowing actions against any or all of the parties to the agreement.

Joint custody, noun

An arrangement, ordered by the court, in which both parents will share custody of a child.

The ruling by the court gave joint custody of the children to both parents, accepting a proposed schedule agreed to by both sides.

Joint venture, noun

An agreement between two or more people or businesses to work together on a specific project under terms laid out in the deal.

Consolidated Intergalactic and Indonesian Nut Oils entered into a joint venture to build and operate a processing plant in Jakarta; under the deal, investment and proceeds will be split evenly.

Judgment, noun

A ruling or final decision by a court.

The judgment of the court required Consolidated Intergalactic to retroactively compensate all of its employees from the Fiji Islands at pay rates equal to those of all others in the same job description. The company said it would appeal the judgment to a higher court.

See also: Order, Ruling

Judicial, adjective

Relating to a judge, court, or a judicial proceeding.

The contract gives both parties the option of submitting disagreements to an arbitrator instead of entering into a lawsuit and a judicial proceeding.

Jumbo loan, noun

Loans that exceed the level set by federal agencies for certain programs including underwriting or insurance.

Some mortgage brokers specialize in writing jumbo loans for clients not eligible for certain federal programs.

See also: Mortgage

Jurisdiction, noun

(1) The authority given to a particular court to rule on legal matters. (2) Also, a specific geographic area, such as a town, county, court district, or state that is assigned cases.

(1) The small claims court has jurisdiction over civil disputes with claims of no more than $5,000. (2) The defense attorney asked that the trial be moved to a different jurisdiction in hopes of finding an unbiased jury pool.

Jury, noun

A group of citizens empanelled to hear a criminal or civil case and decide guilt or liability based on evidence presented to them in court.

In most jurisdictions, a person accused of a serious crime or facing a significant civil lawsuit is entitled to a trial by jury rather than a hearing conducted only in front of a judge.

See also: Grand jury, Petit jury

Jury nullification, noun

An action by a jury to acquit a defendant despite apparent guilt because of a refusal to apply a law despite instructions from the judge.


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