Hell's Bells (Rewind or Die Book 8) by Lisa Quigley

Hell's Bells (Rewind or Die Book 8) by Lisa Quigley

Author:Lisa Quigley [Quigley, Lisa]
Language: eng
Format: epub
Publisher: Unnerving
Published: 2020-05-28T05:00:00+00:00

Now I’m Here

Certain kinds of fear elicit jumps; others, piercing screams.

This fear was worse. It was something deeper and colder and wilder.

It reached to the farthest ends of myself and beyond, into a place of infinite awe, a place that transcended human understanding because we were never meant to touch it, taste it, hear it, smell it. See it. There are things beyond this world we were never meant to comprehend because we were not made for it, nor it for us.

And yet.

He stepped into the candlelight. The sound of the motorcycle engine was briefly louder but still distant, as though it were idling just beyond the shadows in the corner.

Jessica and Tiffany had remained as frozen as I was, but once he became visible, they snapped back to life. Both of them abandoned the circle and clustered against me. The three of us faced the devil together.

The devil we had summoned.

The devil we had invited.

He was devastatingly good looking. Not glossy magazine hot. He was every straight teenage girl’s perfect vision of a sexy bad boy. He was dressed head to toe in motorcycle leather, and his dark hair was smoothed back in a slick coif. He had just enough dark scruff to give him a smoky edge and his dark eyes were lined with black eyeliner. He smoldered. There was actually smoke emanating from him. But the smoke had a disorienting effect, because as it passed above and around him, a different version of himself occasionally became visible, something much more grotesque and beast-like behind the façade of beauty. He was wonderful and horrifying and I fought the urge to kneel before him, to bow my head, to worship.

“It’s been a while since I’ve got to wear my human suit.” His voice was low and scratchy, and vibrated against the cement floor, a near-ecstatic sensation that lit up every pleasure center in my body. “I always forget how much I quite like it.”

Our whole plan felt ludicrously silly. If this was the devil, he was totally hot, terrifyingly so. Tiffany and Jessica squeezed more tightly against me, their flushed cheeks betraying the fact that they felt as internally conflicted as I did: frightened at the impossibility of this situation and also completely turned on. I glanced down at Hayley, who’d been shocked into silence and was staring up at this devil with an expression of both arousal and terror.

“I apologize, um, sir, but we didn’t think—we didn’t know—” My voice sounded weak and pitiful. Every excuse I could come up with was totally lame beneath the smoldering gaze of the Prince of Hell.

“Didn’t know I was real?” His smile was mischievous. “Most humans don’t. I’m not offended.”

“Forgive me,” Tiffany said. “But you don’t seem…”

“Evil?” He said. “That shocks people, too. Sorry to disappoint.”

He reached out a hand. No one but me reached out to take it. My whole body burned at his touch, a rush of heat and desire pulsed through me. A devil…for me. For me.

I reminded myself I had a boyfriend.


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