Game Programming
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Add a PlatformRiding component to the player character—that is, the object that has your CharacterCollider. Play the game and jump onto an object that has a MovingPlatform component. Your character ...
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Everything Would Fall Apart My friend Jeanne Thornton, when she was young, made a series of ZZT games named and starring a guy named Rhygar. “The one authentic thing in ...
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Figure 12.3 – The animation and model FBX files of the package we will use in our project Also, it is worth mentioning a concept called retargeting. As we said ...
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The Hearst chain of papers announces that Winsor McCay and his famous characters have joined the “American’s family.” McCay’s second animated film, How a Mosquito Operates (released in 1912), was ...
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Key Point Identify the Eriksonian questions faced by your user base and pivot your value propositions and product positioning to address them. The point of all of these examples for ...
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We are now going to unwrap the pillars. Mark the two edges on the top as seams, as shown in Figure 6-13. Figure 6-13Mark these edges as seams We will ...
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The Pinned Inspector Earlier in the chapter, we briefly mentioned the entity Pinned Inspector, which was an option from the drop-down list we were shown when right-clicking an entity name ...
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Click the Color a Shape tool, select the color you wish to use, and then fill the wall and floor shapes. (I chose dark brown for the floor and light ...
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b=str.empty() Returns true if size() == 0. Note: str is a string, n is a number, c is a single character, and b is a boolean. This set of methods ...
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These states have appropriate codes in the update or draw functions to make sure that the game gives the correct prompts or handles the input appropriately. The player_keyboard function is ...
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Now, click on Play. As you can see, the cube plays in a pyramid-like area between 60 degrees and nowhere else. Then, click on Stop and change Angular Swing 1Motion ...
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What just happened? You've now successfully white-boxed your first game level! Hero's trial – creating a health pickup Putting everything we've learned so far in this chapter might take you ...
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The Game Design Document The game design document is a useful tool to help game designers turn ideas, inspirations, and design values into more structured designs. Design documents capture decisions ...
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